Registering a car bought overseas

In any case , for travel in France , a vehicle obtained abroad must comply with safety rules and construction under the rules of the road .
Then, depending on the situation , the procedures may be different.

Number Plates

On his arrival in France , the vehicle must be provided with valid license plates. If they are not valid , you may get an immobilisation of the vehicle by the police .

Depending on the country , situations vary :

- Some countries issue temporary plates for export . When the plates are no longer valid , the vehicle must travel with a special certificate of registration WW
- some countries require the removal of the vehicle from their national registries and / or the return of the front license plate to leave their territory .


- if you buy a car in Germany , the vehicle must be registered in your name by the German authorities and be removed from the German registry file before being imported into France. The German authorities will issue export plates , but it will also be insured with a German insurance company or from the ADAC ( German automobile club) to get ;

- if you buy a car in Belgium , Belgian license plates are assigned to the vehicle owner , you will need to obtain transit plates from the Directorate for Registration of Vehicles ( or one of its branches in Belgium ) to enter France with the vehicle ;

- if you buy a car in Italy : the Italian number plates owned and being issued for the entire life of the vehicle is required before entering France to strike the vehicle registry automobiles mentioned on the registration papers that it is intended for export. The plates will be returned to the state and a valid temporary plate will be issued for five days .

In all cases , to know the rules of each country , it should contact the consulate of the country concerned in France .

Warning: when you arrive in your home country , if you drive the vehicle , make sure you have all the necessary documents to the administration in the case you get pulled over by the police and also proof of insurance to drive your vehicle  ( for certain countries , you have to purchase local insurance).

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