Certificate of Conformity Seat


Order online a certificate of conformity or COC as part of the export or import of your Seat.

These documents are paying (secure payment by credit card Visa, Mastercard and American Express).

The treatment is carried out within 24 hours excluding weekends. Postal is free.

To register your Seat, new or used, we deliver the following documents: certificate of conformity, COC and certificate of identification.


We remind you that only the owner of the vehicle can perform this type of request.

The necessary documents are on file downloading on our website www.coc-europe.com after being scanned by you via the application form.

Seat certificates of conformity (COC Seat) are paying. A secure payment by credit card will be proposed at the end of command. The mailing costs are free.

We sell certificates of conformity for all Seat after 1996, the year the European Certificate of Conformity Seat was created in Europe.

More info by email: info@coc-europe.com


Thank you to indicate a valid address recognized by La Poste and Royal Mail (mailbox labeled with your name). COC Europe can not be held responsible for a refusal to distribution from the Post Office. A new certificate will be charged at the rate of 35 euros.

 COC Europe disclaims all responsibility for requests made on other non-authorized website.