what is a certificate of conformity?

The certificate of conformity is a standardised document that is established by the manufacturers and confirms the characteristics of a motor vehicle in countries, where these vehicles are manufactured. It is essential to register your new vehicle as it help for the identification of the vehicle.   The certificate of conformity is been granted to the user to get the safety requirements.

It is a kind of a formal declaration by a manufacturer. So, that the product is applied to meet the requirement of all the product safety appliances.  It is been presumed by the suppliers in the distributive chain by the end of the user. For the new product the certificate of conformity is very necessary, as it is drawn by the manufacturer or the authorized company. This certificate doesn’t have to supply to the end user.

What should a certificate of conformity contain?

  • Name and full address of the manufacturer
  • Description and identification of the product, like model number, type and serial number
  • Where appropriate name, address and identification number of the vehicle which carried out conformity assessment
  • Signature of the person to draw up the declaration on behalf of the manufacturer
  • For machinery, the name and address of the person authorised to collect the technical file that must be established in the community

It is a kind of a quality certificate that prove the product or services correspond to law requirements of safety and quality if your vehicle in Europe. You can also apply online for getting the certificate of conformity for your new vehicle.

Process of certificate of conformity:

  • Create an account: There are many sites from where you can get the certificate of conformity. You can easily register your account to start the process of generating your licensed certificate.
  • Your personal information: After creating your account you have to fill particular detail like- name, email and phone number.
  • Your address: You have to fill up your permanent address and the additional address, city, pin code. So to get your identity of the user and provide the licensed certificate.
  • Your password: Here you can create a particular password, so that no illegal activity can be conducted by the third party.

There are many companies which are engaged in creating certificate of conformity for you vehicle. Let’s discuss some of the top companies who provide the certificate of compliance to the user fro the safety of their new vehicle.

  • Honda: Vehicle of Honda Company can easily issue the compliance conformity Honda which is helpful in indicating it quality and safety of the vehicle.
  • Mazda: It provides the Mazda certificate of conformity, to the user that indicates the safety and assurance of the vehicle. The certificate of conformity Mazda is very important, as it give a licensed identity to your vehicle.
  • Porsche: The vehicle of the company Porsche also get the Porsche certificate of conformity to make their vehicle safe and licensed for the safety of user.

This is all about certificate of conformity, if you have purchase new vehicle then for maintaining its safety you have to issue certificate of conformity.